Yul Edochie’s First Wife Reacts After Georgina Onouha Dragged Him Over His Post On Polygamy

May Edochie has reacted after her husband Yul Edochie’s colleague Georgina Onuoha tackled him over his post on polygamy.

Yul Edochie had earlier stated that he and his family had experienced enormous amount of blessing after he married his second wife Judy Austin.

He maintained that though he had offended his first wife they had all ended up getting blessed from the situation.

However Onouha made a post via her Instagram handle disagreeing with Yul’s premise.

She explained that he had no right to take a second wife without permission from the first.

She wrote: “My dearest brother Yul @yuledochie I appreciate that you acknowledged you wronged your wife, May @mayyuledochie”

“And I don’t recall anyone saying marrying a second wife is a crime. Our culture permits that, and some Christians take more than one wife. There is a reason they say process and intent matter.

“It’s one thing to impregnate another woman ( adultery ) while you are still married without discussing with your wife your desire to marry a second wife, which our traditions demand.”

Since you are quoting our traditions on polygamy, have you forgotten there are rules for such engagements?

“Most of us have parents who were born into polygamy. Who will tell you that their mothers brought the new wife home for their husbands, which is a sign of her giving her blessings to her husband?

“I bet you know that is our culture and traditions. Taking a second wife because you impregnated her while still married is not noble; it is called adultery, and God punished most great men in the Bible you are quoting for such acts.

“Marrying the same woman without the knowledge of your wife until she finds out on social media via a blog; is the worst kind of betrayal of trust. Eyin, there is nothing noble in what you did. You don’t force polygamy on people when they are not prepared for it. Give them an option. Not everyone has the grace to be a polygamist.

“So both traditionally and scripturally, you failed.

“Don’t justify your indiscretions with impunity by citing religion and tradition. On both counts, you failed. Abraham, our father in faith, got thumbs up from his wife Sarah to lay with Hagar, the slave girl.

“God punished David when he slept with Bethsheba and killed their first fruit born out of that adultery. So many examples in the Bible regarding adultery and its consequences.

“What you did, did not glorify our culture and traditions because it was done with impunity and with total disregard for the humanity of your wife. I bet if the table were turned, you wouldn’t be singing this same song of getting more fame and her getting endorsement.

“What it shows is that you have no respect for her and for yourself and kids. I hope you find peace and rest. Zukwanike. Ozugo. Rest”

Reacting, May left a love emoji on the post, signifying her approval.

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