Kanye West Wants To Make Car Made Of Foam

American music and fashion mogul, Kanye West, seems to be getting into the car business. The rapping entrepreneur has launched a new endeavour called Donda Industrial Design.

The project will be headed up by footwear designer and longtime West collaborator, Steven Smith. Details have not been released, but an announcement provided to Complex included an intriguing product tease, Foxnews.com reports.

The vehicle is called the Donda Foam Vehicle and is said to be conceptualized, designed, and manufactured in the United States.

A low-resolution image depicts what appears to be an extreme off-roader, not unlike the Ukrainian Sherp truck West owns and drove in the McDonald’s Super Bowl commercial this year.

The vehicle features a cab-forward design and a slab-sided passenger compartment with an extra-long wheelbase and oversize “tweels”.

A tweel is an airless tire and wheel combination that uses flexible spokes instead of an air-filled chamber and can continue to work when punctured.

“I’m honoured to help create our shared vision of the future. Mr West is the single most inspiring creative I have ever worked with,” Smith said.

Given West’s close relationship with Elon Musk, who was at the release party for the “Donda 2” album in February, it has been speculated the vehicle could be built using Tesla technology; however, there is no official confirmation that this is the case and neither Musk nor Tesla has yet commented on the vehicle.

See picture of the vehicle below:

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