2023: Youths to make 40 percent in PDP government in Kaduna

Dr John Ayuba, the running mate to Isah Ashiru, the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in Kaduna State for 2023 has said youths will be given forty per cent chance to participate in governance if the party emerges victorious in the coming elections.

Ayuba gave the assurance during a parley with journalists in Kaduna saying that the government of PDP would be a government of all-inclusiveness to carry along all members of the party and the entire citizens in the state.

He also assured that all the factors that worked against the party in 2019 leading to its failure in the governorship election would be addressed before the election period.

The governorship running mate enjoined citizens in the state to ensure all those eligible for participation in voting, get their voter cards to stand the chance of voting for candidates of their choice in the 2023 general elections.

Dr Ayuba stated that the PDP as an opposition party would be more sagacious, tactful and articulate in their campaign strategy to ensure they take power from the ruling party that has meted all kinds of inhumane policies and has brought hardship to the citizens.

The financial expert promised that the PDP would consolidate on the about 800,000 votes it acquired in the 2019 general elections to give an edge over the ruling party.

He said, “I want our people to be strategic in thinking and choosing candidates by checking if the candidate they support has the capacity to win elections at the polls.”

He lamented that the All Progressives Congress-led administration in the state and Federal Government failed woefully in providing security for the people thereby making the masses helpless in all spheres of life.

2023: Youths to make 40 percent in PDP government in Kaduna